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Add-on DragonByte Shout [Lite] 7.0.6

Discussion dans 'Add-ons 1.x' créé par Titeuf, 23 Juillet 2016.

  1. Titeuf

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    Salut la communauté BestPopun ,

    Je vous partage une extension XenForo DragonByte Shout [Lite] créer par DragonByte Technologies.

    Cette extension vous permet de d'avoir sur votre forum une Shoutbox.

    Complete Feature List
    Post Shouts
    Edit / Delete Shouts
    Shouts played using HTML5 <audio> tags
    PM other users
    PM tabs for convo between two users
    View Active Users
    Separate context-aware block that shows the people active in your specific tab.
    Update text styles
    Slash commands
    Built-in commands in a drop-down list
    /banlist for a list of all users banned from the shoutbox
    Context menu for available actions
    View Profile
    Send PM
    Create chat room
    Invite / Manage users that can access this chat room
    Inviting an user sends them a pop-up asking them to join the room.
    Highlights when you're not viewing them but they have new messages.
    Chat Rooms get tabs added as you join them.
    Default logging logs all administrative slash commands.
    View list of all Shouts in the system
    Top X Shouters
    Shoutbox Statistics
    Search Archive
    Search by
    Instance Manager
    Different instances on different pages
    Chat Room Manager
    Assign usergroups to chat rooms
    Edit Settings
    Which commands to log
    Log level
    Shouts to display
    Shouts to display (Archive)
    Shoutbox Height
    Shout display order
    Shoutbox Refresh Rate
    Smilies on / off
    PMs on / off
    Allowed BBCode controls
    Enabled Editor Tools
    Maximum [SIZE]
    Max characters per shout
    Max images per shout
    Archive "Top X Shouters" count
    Active Users block on/off
    Auto-Delete Shouts
    Max chat rooms per user
    Global sound switch
    Play sounds while idle
    Per-Usergroup display of moderator actions (like pruning shouts)
    Ability to disable the "Chat Access" list
    Alternating Shout Background Colours
    Forum Milestones (replacing the simple "Post Markers")
    Every X Posts
    Every X Threads
    Show command log
    Show banned users
    Show shout log
    Reset all style customisations
    Ban / Silence management in Edit User
    Shoutbox Sessions
    Shoutbox activity is tracked separate from users' shouts
    Only shows people who perform an action as active
    "Active Indicator" on the toolbar shows whether the user is active in the SB or not
    Doesn't flag users generating automatic notices as active

    Anonym.To Integration
    Ability to anonymise any URL entered in the Shoutbox per-instance with Anonym.to
    Works with BBCode URLs
    Displays regular URL while editing shouts

    Disallow "ALL CAPS"
    Ability to disallow all caps per-instance

    New Slash Command: /resetshouts
    Resets all users' "Lifetime Shouts" counter to how many shouts they currently have in the system
    (Pro) /resetshouts user to reset an individual user's "Lifetime Shouts" counter
    Great way to put spammers in their place

    Context Menu Improvements
    Dedicated context menu item for editing shouts (if user has permission to edit that shout)
    Dedicated context menu item for deleting shouts (if user has permission to delete that shout)
    JavaScript performance for menu closure operations has been improved

    "Invisibility" Toggle
    Click the activity status icon to toggle invisibility
    Hides the user from all activity displays in the entire instance
    Great for surprising friends with shouts out of the blue!

    Voici quelques images en pièce jointe.
    shout1.png shout2.png shout3.png

    A très bientôt. :neo:

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    thanks for latest version and this thread
    2 personnes aiment ça.
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  6. jaz1997

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    thanks for latest version and this thread
  7. EliteModz

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  9. Skywalker

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  10. Keta-Klak

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    Encore merci j'en avais besoin ca va être très utile :)

    LAYEMRIRN Membre

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    ey this is pretty cool thank alot!
  12. Alca_

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    Merci, ça change du taiga chat pro
  13. butgar

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    salut merci for sharing this addon
    salut merci for sharing this addon
  14. RafaelTuber

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    Muito Bom Msm Pois O taigas costuma bugar muito
  15. Kuponcu94

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    thanks for addon. i will setup.
  16. urmazika

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    thanks for latest version and this thread
  17. TooLitMan13

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    Merci beaucoup pour le partage tu gères gros
  18. chakeryassin

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    merci pour le partage de ce post bro!
  19. spawky

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    thanks for latest version and this thread
  20. LudoGumin

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    merci pour le partage terrible merci beaucoup

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